Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday fragments

Melanzane al Funghetto, garnished with thin slices of goat feta
Our plucky heroine is busy today getting ready for not only an open studio day on Saturday, but the return of some of my Blue Cedar house pals for the long weekend...

Earlier this week, New Seasons had (most unusually) some organic japanese eggplant... since the plan was for small steaks as dinner, I decided that a side dish of Melanzane al Funghetto (Eggplant Mushroom-style) would be both seasonal and appropriate. When the ingredients are excellent, this dish never fails to be a treat, as long as you are in the subset that enjoys these nightshade fruit, and since both Karen and Gwen are of that tribe, it was most well received!

Tuesday there were some local rambles as well as the beachcombing that started my day so delightfully. Gwen wanted to visit the little local shop that makes taffy and handcrafted chocolates. While I am not much of one for either of those comestibles, I found the display of vintage confectioners tools to be fascinating, including these candy rollers used to form and shape sweets...

While we were wandering around Lincoln City, we ate lunch at McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub, and a Goodwill beckoned from across the parking lot... My clever eye spotted an All-Clad LTD skillet in among the kitchen gear; $6.99 seemed a reasonable price to try out a renowned brand (a new pan this size usually sells for rather considerably more). After cooking with it last night, the skillet will definitely be a good addition to the modest array of cookware that lives on the forged iron pot-rack in the kitchen of Acorn Cottage, being both highly functional, easy to clean, and a good inbetween size

So far August has not been a month of making new things, but am hopeful that by the end of September all three categories will be caught up, realising that it may will be necessary to curtail my online hours in favor of time spent behind the sewing machine and in front of the workbench...

August SMART goal challenge
1 wooly pony embroidery paper wasp nest destroyed fabric to Goodwill
2 third Orb enamel 2nd wasp nest destroyed bag to Goodwill
3 Pegasus embroidery parking strip planter improved yard waste bin
4 * north side yard cleared yard waste bags
5 * bathroom sink attached Rebuilding Center
6 * bathroom wall repaired paper to Shredfest
7 * broken toilet seat replaced bag to Goodwill
8 * towel holder attached bag to Goodwill
9 * SCA closet reorganised ----------
10 ---------- * ----------


  1. Oh, my eye likes those candy roller thingamajigs too. Something about the textures and the fact that they roll makes me want to just play with them.

  2. 1) Love All-Clad - good find!
    2) The eggplant dish sounds wonderful, if I can't find eggplants, I'm going to try it with mushrooms!

  3. Rois they were like big iron rolling pins, and had they been out where they could be played with I would feel the same way, but they were in a glass case, probably for just that reason!

    Pearl, the eggplant dish is only good with the skinny Japanese eggplants, but I imagine that if you used mushrooms it would be equally delicious. The eggplant is more for a tender soft texture than for any particular flavor, since the combination of good olive oil, garlic, and lots of chopped fresh parsley is quite flavorful. If you do try it with mushrooms, let me know how it turns out...

  4. I am so hungry now after looking at your creation. Yum!