Saturday, July 26, 2014

unripe unripe

in which our plucky heroine decides that the time is not right...

so this year, my little pear tree seems to have decided that making pears is a viable option... there are at least ten of these lovely things, and they look quite pretty and quite green... need to research how to tell when to pick them, as I know that pears are NOT left to ripen on the tree, but do need to get to a suitable stage before picking to develop their full flavor. If they are left to tree-ripen they develop many "stone cells"

apparently pears need not only to be picked before tree-ripened, but also need a particular amount of application of cold before being allowed to ripen off the tree, for best and tastiest results, according to OSU... "When to pick and how to ripen pears to perfection"

There are applesies growing on one of the branches of the backyard apple tree that Bill Dawson pruned. This is encouraging, as it means that the formerly ill tree is doing well enough to support some production, much of the foliage looks pretty healthy, and the eventual plan, to graft on several useful tasty apple varieties, will probably be possible...

I don't know what variety of apples they are, and they are quite scabby. I tried earlier in the year to thin them, but obviously didn't do a thorough enough job, as they are still too close together, which makes for wee bitsy apples. Am debating on picking most of them and turning them into green apple pectin concentrate... leaving perhaps two or three to ripen...

However, I didn't go any further into the backyard, and this is why... taken with as much extension on the camera lens, from quite a distance... these are paper wasps, and had been building a nest in a discarded rubbermaid tote... this portion of their nest (which may be all of it) fell out of the box during the stormy weather last week, but they are still busy making more wasps... My brave pal Marya will be dealing with these, once I get the "death to all wasps" spray... I hate the idea of killing them, but am VERY ALLERGIC, and they are between me and the garden shed... hopefully they do not have friends inside the garden shed!


  1. We have had 5 or 6 wasp nests built around the back of our house this year. These insects are busy, busy and I wonder if we will have a cold winter. Hubby had to kill them as they are all around our outside living space and I am allergic to them also. Will be doing a search around the garden shed in the near future as we don't want them building in there.
    Our fruit trees are doing well. We have picked and canned cherries and summer apples (applesauce). Also did raspberries. Next up is peaches then it will be prune plums, green gages, and lastly pears. The grape clusters are huge and we will have lots of grapes to eat. Our cooler weather allowed the fruit to grow larger and then the heat brought on the fruit that was ripening nicely.

  2. a cold winter, while challenging, is good for reducing insect pests. Glad to hear that your home fruit production is going well... that is a long term goal of mine, to have more homegrown fruit options. I am hopeful of the feral plum tree that lives between the garden shed and the back alley fence...