Tuesday, June 3, 2014

thoughtful Tuesday

my newest underdress (slightly visible in the photo of our plucky heroine at the "dyeing with natural dyestuff demo" taken at Egils over Memorial Day weekend) needs to have sleeve bands added as reinforcement where the sleeve and body join, so decided to use some of the same slightly different shot linen (already used for the edge binding, lower cuffs, and hem bindings) decorated with a little embroidered leafy Laurel border.

The inner stem is just DMC cotton, but the leaves, and eventual outlining of the stem, are lovely hand dyed silk floss that my pal Maeva gave me years ago, that I had been saving for a special treat... my current thinking is that I should use and enjoy all my special things now, not wait for a "future someday"


...indeed that is the most noticeable thing I have learned from my cancer journey, the notion that rather than saving things or experiences for someday, to take delight in using the objects every day, to do things now whilst enjoyment can be had, because in truth, someday may never come... I bless every day my eyes open on the bright world, and move forward into adventure and possibility that I can recognise and manage. Walking into the shadowlands has not make me foolhardy, but has shifted everyday fears to an exponentially different scale of measurement.

It has been a long strange trip since I was a young girl, and the trip isn't over yet...

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