Saturday, June 7, 2014

progress and planning and presents oh my!

in which our plucky heroine is much encouraged...

my dear online pal LuzClara just sent me two gift boxes with two dress lengths of handwoven wool: the gold and pale blue is from Skye, and the green stripey was woven by her mother! She also tucked in some Japanese textile bits, and the chorus line of wee little maneki neko beads... What an amazing treat!!! (I foresee some new wool apron dresses in my future, as part of my "refurbish the SCA wardrobe" project)

In response to a post over on Stitchers Guild regarding sewing and the minimalist lifestyle, it seemed a good time to revisit my wardrobe... my ongoing goal is to have enough clothing to go for a week without running a load of laundry, so having eight "sets" of clothing would be both functional and generous. Have yet to get there, but when I recently made an actual chart of what I do have, the areas that are most scant become apparent!

1 grey cave horse indigo/black layered blue/multi hawaiian cornflower ikat medium denim indigo nightsky batik black knit embroidered slip cropped black knit
2 bad girl black black bleach print black print lawn black/grey polkadot black lovechild overall jordan almond leafy * *
3 grey floral
black/grey crow * blue/grey ikat black linen cobalt linen * *
4 bang said max black/grey stripey t-neck * brown japanese dogs black vertical pique blue microcheck linen * *
5 blue stripey cloud black/white winter t-neck * * grey corduroy * * *
6 dk blue leopard black plain * * dk grey linen * * *
7 brown acorn brown celtic wolf * * brown corduroy * * *
8 black square lace grey zip neck * * grey chambray * * *
bold is wearing out - italic rarely gets worn - lingerie, socks and shoes are not on the chart

Currently am refurbishing my everyday sports bras, once that is done, make some popover dresses, as that is my go-to summertime clothing, and true summer is but hiding in the wings... Second, some leggings/loose pants, as that category is almost entirely missing. Next, for autumn (so not as urgent) make some slip/dresses, and a few dresses. Somewhere in there, before the rainy season returns, get moving on the V1212 bodice/sleeve combo.

Yesterday was the SCA demo at the Royal Rosarian shindig, which I had been asked to attend as part of the artisan village aspect of the local color we were there to provide. In response to the possibility of generating non-SCA customers, I made two pieces that referenced their logo design, a red rose over a golden crown...
While neither of these sold, alas, perhaps some of the business cards that did leave the table will generate an order in the future. And hopefully, neither of these two designs are sooo specific that they will not be saleable someday, or, at the very least, can provide design examples for future workshops

June SMART goal challenge
1 thread-winders SR silver chain  backyard yardwaste
2 red rose
heart pendant
backyard meadow
bag to paper recycling
3 red rose earrings half craftwall
bag to paper recycling
4 * * bag to paper recycling
5 * * metal scrap to recycling
6 * * bag to Goodwill
7 * * bag to Goodwill
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 ---------- * *
11 ---------- * *
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- * *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *
18 ---------- ---------- *


  1. Wow! What beautiful earrings and pendant. I think that is a very useful chart btw re the wardrobe.

  2. Luz Clara is really hoping that the kitties can get a show together, now that there is such a nice big cast! And all of us will be looking forward to seeing your new lovely wool clothes!!! I'm so happy to pass along some of my mom's fabulous woven fabric!

  3. I find that making a chart of my modern clothing is really helpful in seeing the gaps that need attention. I also make a different sort of chart to work through how the combinations add up. It amuses me that though my style is pretty "bohemian/hippie" my wardrobe is actually really carefully planned.

    When I look at the lineup of tiny maneki-nekos, I think of the Rockettes!

    Once I finish a few SCA underdresses, (desperately needed for a six day event later this summer) I will make up the wool into apron-dresses, which will also be wearable if we get a cold winter this year. The only conflict is that Viking age clothing has no pockets, and I cannot abide modern life without... might be an opportunity to make wee cross body bags in creative ways as pseudo-pockets...