Monday, June 2, 2014

media Monday and random progress reports


Found the basswood threadwinders project that had initially been started as a contribution for a "Dirty Dozen Largess Derby", and while these are neither sturdy enough or lovely enough for that use, they are acceptable for my own use, as I can be careful not to crack the fragile basswood. Were I to try making these again for such a donation, would need to use a much sturdier wood, like oak or maple, which would necessitate finding some other wood source than the local hobby shops...

Decided that having the backyard meadow mowed down counts as a "things fixed" even if I didn't actually do the mowing myself... I did go out this morning and (for my power hour task) spent a good chunk of time in the grey early coolness raking out some of the woodchips across the cardboard. A few days of that labor will cover the area intended for future vegetable annual garden with a nice deep layer of cardboard-n-chips, which will start to kill off the grass underneath, and will both look tidy and also make for less area to actually mow...

June SMART goal challenge
1 thread
SR silver chain  backyard
2 * backyard meadow
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 * * *
6 * * *
7 * * *
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 ---------- * *
11 ---------- * *
12 ---------- * *
13 ---------- * *
14 ---------- ---------- *
15 ---------- ---------- *
16 ---------- ---------- *
17 ---------- ---------- *
18 ---------- ---------- *


  1. Wow, only June 2 and you already have four (4) things on your chart! Good job! I have checked off one thing on my mental chart "consume the bounty of the home strawberry harvest" which was five small and tasty strawberries. Next thing is to open and sort through five boxes of books, which have been packed up since March 2013. I must not need them very much. . .

  2. I wish there was a home strawberry harvest here, that sounds delightful! I do have one baby wood strawberry plant, but no berries on it yet, though there are some unripe berries on the blueberries, and some infant pears and apples in the trees in the backyard, fingers crossed that they ripen to edible...

    If I could count all the boxes of things I have here that have not been opened in years I would use more than all my fingers and toes... still it will be like a treasure trove to open and sort through them, finding out what I thought was worth not throwing away or recycling... My pal Kaitlin is coming over this Saturday to give me a hand coming up with a decluttering plan