Thursday, May 1, 2014

regalia knows no season...

the hottest day of the year so far (temperature jumped forty degrees in a few days) finds our plucky heroine in front of a 1500°F oven; still, having work is far better than the alternative. Here is last weeks project, a rush order which is already completed, mailed, and going to add an extra sparkle to an elevation this weekend...

though the background will eventually be an opaque black, it is important that the areas that will be transparent green and brown have a well sealed border, so that the brightness of the enamel will not be compromised

little bit further... adding in the first layer of background enamel, now that the internal design elements are secure...

just a little bit more... the wreath will need a number of additional layers to build up the color in the leaves, and, of course, more background and counter-enamel. Still, now it is possible to see how the opaque background really sets off the transparent wreath

finished and ready to be set as a pendant... I just love the transparent shading in the leaves! The enamel is 1 1/2" in diameter, and the pendant setting will be just a wee bit larger, (it will be a simple bezel setting with just a border of beaded silver wire)

The simple silver setting for this Laurel medallion has full-round bead wire as a subtle decoration around the edge.


  1. Oh my gosh that is beautiful! You create amazing pieces, Alison...

  2. It is breathtaking!!!! Excellent work, so so beautiful. That green is really something!

  3. thank you for the compliments - I hope that the final recipient will be equally delighted (it was ordered as a surprise gift)... the green of the leaves is actually shaped layers of three different transparent greens

  4. PS I met someone at Danaca Design who took an enameling class from you in the past! And. . . I received something yesterday that I think you might need, even though "receive 60 somethings" isn't on your list of SMART goals! Stay tuned!