Monday, May 12, 2014

oh look, a yarnbow! has been a productive weekend here at Acorn Cottage, with masses of general tidying happening before Crafternoon on Saturday. Freydis and Lawrence came over with their sewing projects and it was really a treat to have company all afternoon. Mr Dawson came by briefly for a while as well, and we went over the changes needed for the kingdom regalia bids. There was a tasty dinner of coleslaw, roasted cauliflower and baked hake fillets, and for dessert, the newly sampled homemade nocino liqueur, which has been sitting forgotten aging in the back of the pantry for several years, was particularly tasty drizzled over cardamon ice cream...

My friend Freydis been experimenting with natural dyestuffs on wool, thinking about what sort of colors would be available in the 7th century, Vendel period Sweden, her chosen time period. She brought her samples to Crafternoon yesterday, (and is keeping a notebook on the data of various variables like time/temperature/pH) Seeing actual colors in daylight, as opposed to the colors in books or online, in invaluable for choosing suitable fabric colors for historic re-creation

Many different colors from madder...

Weld yellows, indigo blues, the two combined for greens, and assorted logwood colors. She reminded me that the purple colors would have been from lichen dyestuff in Viking times, but logwood is more available currently (and was used more recently in history)


Our plucky heroine started a new SCA underdress today, in basic rectangular construction. Most of my SCA clothes are at least ten years old, and showing the hard useage they get while camping. A few less threadbare garments will be useful this summer. The primary fabric is a fine linen herringbone in a very plausible indigo blue shot with pale yellow/cream, with the two sides very different in hue. I plan on taking advantage of the color difference.

While I had initially planned on using some beautiful ikat fabric in narrow bands as trim, it just didn't look right somehow... instead, this jaquard woven scrap in a very similar grey/green, which when cut into very narrow strips, reminds me rather of the Persian samite that was used as trim on some Norse clothing.

Cut and folded the jaquard woven fabric in narrow strips about 1cm wide to decorate the cuffs of the new gown, basted in place preparatory to stitching


  1. Beautiful yarns! It sounds like a very fun crafternoon!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished garment, the in-progress shots look so pretty!

  3. Claire - crafternoon keeps me from being a total hermit, and is usually a treat; this one ended up with dinner here, sometimes they end up with going out for sushi...

    Thanks Stacy - my plan is underdresses that can double as everyday dresses, since all my clothing is wearing out...