Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday satisfaction: part the second which our plucky heroine concludes the Roman brooches project

Back at the beginning of February, the project of creating a pair of ancient Roman style womens dress fastener brooches, inspired and informed by this 1st century Roman disc brooch, began. It was a challenging project, as there were several new techniques I ended up using, and a new workshop tool was created as well, which will prove not only ideal for these, but useful for the forseeable future (neatly set rivets are always nicer)
They are now completed, and are both known to be useful and believed to be beautiful; a successful project that will hopefully see much use by their new owner in years to come... they are actually not very large, and I am quite pleased with the details of the tiny riveted bone discs and engraved patterning...


  1. The brooches are breathtaking! The rivets, sublime!! I admire your skills and imagination very very much!!

  2. thank you Claire! I am pretty pleased with how much I learned making these, the person who ordered them is delighted, and I have some new techniques to add to my "toolbox" for making pieces in the future...