Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday satisfaction: part the first which our plucky heroine teaches a smaller class in Cloisonné Enameling...

The previous Enameling Playdate was a really full house, this workshop was rather towards the other extreme, but fewer students mean lots of extra time per student. My friend acupuncturist Sharon Rose was my primary student this time, as the other person scheduled for this session had a time conflict. In addition Larry and Cindy both returned to finish their projects, as they had had to leave the former workshop/playdate much earlier than the scheduled close of day...

Three students in the workroom on a Saturday afternoon...

Sharon arrived having done research and with several possible ideas for a first project; after choosing one, here she is bending wires for the design lines

Her first enamel is underway, and she's enjoying the process so much that she has started on a second one, that will be a two-sided design

the first cloisonné piece that Sharon Rose completed, motif based on Roman archaeological finds - (this will eventually become a brooch)

a two sided piece for her second effort; SPQR is the obverse side...and the reverse side has a very simple and effective design, also inspired by archaeological finds. There are specific challenges to making two sided cloisonné, and she did very well

Cindy finished her first cloisonné piece, and used a lighter blue for accent shading on her blue cat.

Larry's first cloisonné piece, a beautifully precise heraldic ermine spot

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