Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eating the frog and other soggy delights

Decided yesterday evening that today would be time to eat the frog and do all the pages of arithmetic that my various federal and state and city tax forms require. (no idea why I put this off every year, it really isn't that horrible)  My 2013 taxes are all done; all that remains is another trip to the copy shop. I think I have a little froggish indigestion now, after hours with the calculator. But Yay! for completing a major procrastinatory item on my to do list, and double Yay!! for having managed enough money saved up to pay all the different taxes owed. I watched the rest of Bravest Warriors cartoons as a reward.

Had what might be a very productive session with my counselor this morning. Managed to stay focused on the area I have the most difficulty with; not sure where we can go from here, but I am determined not to let myself sidetrack myself with other, albeit also needful issues.

Managed to figure out that the reason my front porch and walkway were full of water was that the gutter was not draining. Clambered up on the stepladder (safely, on the porch) and reached around and up where I could and removed a lot of mucky debris. Also used a handy stick to dislodge more. Got the downspout cleared and voila, water going where it should instead of where it shouldn't. Then took apart the lower downspout to rescue stick, which fell from my cold mucky fingers down the tube, and couldn't be left there to create a new interior clog.

Now I am cold and wet and filthy. Time for a wash-up, dinner, and then making a fair copy of tax forms for tomorrow... Never a dull moment here at the Acorn Cottage house of fun

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