Wednesday, February 19, 2014

well begun is half done

in which our plucky heroine prepares for continued progress in the studio, and while the ancient aphorism is not perzactly proportionally accurate, a good beginning is, in fact, vital...

This last weekend, whilst Bill was here, some of the engravings that he was working on was these detailed base plates for various enameling commission pieces currently underway; he and I have collaborated on various projects for years.

(both these discs are under 2" in diameter)
This one has a diaper pattern with the grid lines engraved. The patterning will appear as darker lines and motifs once covered with transparent enamel, similar to the background in this early enamel...

And this one, slightly different, has a very similar diaper pattern, but the grid lines are wiggle cut and interlaced. I am always fascinated by the big differences small changes make in how something so small scale appears.

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