Saturday, February 1, 2014

try try again

in which our plucky heroine is making progress bit by bit on the pair of Roman brooches...
The actual size is about 1 1/2" across, bone disc beads are 6mm, and I have some 8mm discs on order for the centers

When my initial attempt at the radial ferns? feathers? proved less than ideal (wigglecut not giving an appropriate look) I decided to try simple engraved lines... The technique is not one I have experimented with before, and is right on the border of what my tiny hands and wrists can handle; I shall never be anywhere close to the exquisite work that my colleague Bill Dawson can do, but the effect here is similar to the look of the original artifact.


  1. These brooches are going to be beautiful. I love how the ferns? feathers? give it a nice 3D look.

  2. I've just been attempting engraving. It was a major failure so I returned to the chasing tools to make my lines. Your's look good in comparison! And the brooches' shapes are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces!