Wednesday, February 5, 2014

neverending bootstrapping which our plucky heroine reminds herself that three steps forward two steps back is still net progress...

The backwash from my cancer journey is like escaping from a riptide, taking a much longer route than simply returning to the beach of my former life... haven't much felt like posting, since either girl is really busy working, or is too squashed flat to feel like sharing, fortunately more of the former than the latter.

late night maneki-nekos - may they beckon prosperity for all who see this

The good being that bit by bit there seems to be fragments of work coming my way, as girl assiduously follows up on the various signs and queries, in the interest of maintaining and increasing forward momentum. The hard part is dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork for the assistance I still need, for while I am returning to my workaday life, am still not back to full-speed/full-time, and in truth will likely never be able to return to fulltime housekeeping work, which is why girl is following up on all queries about metalwork/enameling and other parts of my skillset.

Today I had my third go-round with the mysterious people in the locked DHS facility, that has taken the place of the former face to face encounters with caseworkers. Anyone that says public assistance is a walk in the park easy peasy has never actually dealt with the situation. I long for and work every day towards not needed EBT (food stamps) though they have been a life saver during my return to health. But until I am back to earning enough for all the limited necessities* of life, every sixmonth I fill out a thick booklet of information and documentation of my status, and send that in along with copies of my taxes and accounting. Every six months, which means that there are copies of my records on file there, already.

But this time, despite my handing all that in of my current information in a timely fashion, and despite the copies already on file, the mystery person phoned to say that they were this time not satisfied and wanted a second copy of every page of my tax forms, which I took the half day off to get copied and bring into the local office to be faxed to the closed facility. Then a few days later, I get another phone call that that information was not enough, and they wanted fresh copies of all my account book pages from the last twelve months, (despite already having those on file from the last time) So I again took a halfday off to copy out all of these and hand carry them to the local office to be faxed to the closed facility. At this point I was reduced to tears once I got safely home from the bus ride.

Today, when my EBT benefit should be accessible, my card reads empty; I call the phone number of the locked facilty to be told that the mystery person assigned to deal with my forms is not in the office, and that there is no way to know when they will finish with the new paperwork and release my pittance. Fortunately, I am frugal, know cooking skills, and careful in how I shop. But this makes me sooo angry. Girl has been working since she was fifteen years old and paying taxes since she was fifteen years old, and is almost sixty and will be working and paying taxes till they take me out feet first. I am not trying to do anything shady. I have repeatedly provided copies of the same gorram documentation...

* shelter and utilities, food, transportation & clothing

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but lest my beloved readers be left with the same bitter taste, girl offers instead two very different and cheering musical delights, that lift my spirits and strengthen my resolve:

found on Terry Windling's Myth and Moor, this Monday

unexpectedly found on FB


  1. I hope all goes well and the paper work is processed in a big hurry. Hugs to you at this time.

  2. Your tale is a horror show! Those are our tax dollars at work, and the mystery people are not showing good stewardship.

    Sending good thoughts to you! And thinking a few unfriendly thoughts about the mystery people.

  3. thank you so much my friends... I am doing much better today, and am home safe and warm with soup in the crock pot and the space heater in the workroom... and my reward for being productive is to get to spend some time SEWING!!