Thursday, January 9, 2014

there is no one true way

In which our plucky heroine is just ridiculously excited to have thought of a new way to make pearl-guide loops!

This might not look like much other than a disc and some wire (which is what it is) that will eventually become a setting for an enamel... but In the past, I've made loops the way I learned, was taught,saw others doing it: by soldering tiny rings, then soldering tiny posts to the rings, then soldering the tiny posts in place... three steps, complicated and Very Tiny parts, lots of room for possibly dropping tiny parts on floor with subsequent cursing...

Well, my Clever Brain (unlike my Memory which was tossed out in 2012 along with my rogue uterus)for some reason seems to have started working again (yay 2014!) and came up with the idea of drilling two holes instead of one, forming the wire into a "U" shape, and just soldering it in place that way. One soldering step instead of two. True, it needs two holes drilled instead of one, but that is fast compared to the prior option. And by making the legs of the "U" uneven in length, the little guides are almost self-locating as well.

There was some happy dancing around in the workroom when this idea became reality! Not just because the idea worked, but because for the first time in can-barely-remember-how-long my BC (before cancer) mind returned. Maybe just maybe, like the tender shoots of a badly pruned plant, my functional self will come back to me in this lifetime...

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  1. Yay for the brain - it's got its architecture organized and it's open for business!!! I do love that solution, too. I've used the "drill a hole and insert the wire and solder it closed" solution myself. And jump rings? Sigh. They are challenging devils for me.