Friday, January 17, 2014

the world outside the world

in which our plucky heroine gets to meet an online pal...

Today luz clara and I met for the first time outside the forums over at Stitchers Guild. We spent the afternoon gallivanting about the city; there was much chat, some tasty Thai food from Thai Cottage, and fabric shopping excursions to Rose City Textiles and Mill Ends

the stalwart gals vowed to get together again before too long!


  1. It was a fabulously fun afternoon and we were very well behaved, so did not wear out our welcome anywhere. That said, they had to more or less chase us out of Mill Ends Store!


    1. well next time we will have to get to Mill Ends just a little earlier... though there are a whole assortment of other small local fabric boutiques to explore as well...

  2. Obviously we will need to engage in careful strategizing for best use of our energy and maximum surprises. I will vote for small local fabric shops. Did you know, apparently Josephines is closed? Sniff Sniff.

  3. Such fun! I'm envious. You have the best fabric shops there. Judging by how much I spent, I loved my first visit to Mill Ends last time I came through Portland! I'm still sewing up the haul...