Sunday, January 12, 2014

the pomegranate Laurel

in which our plucky heroine unveils the most current piece of regalia from the Acorn Cottage workroom...

This is the medallion that had been commissioned just before all my medical foo, and has been in the works for quite some time, and was finished up just before 12th Night (our big indoor midwinter SCA event here in An Tir) so as to be in the hands of my dear friend Goran, who will be moving south to Caid soon. She will be greatly missed, and our southern noble cousins will be getting a real treasure. Her heart is as generous as her spirit, and there are many skills in which her expertise is notable. I will surely be sad to not hear her beautiful voice raised in song, save through traveling long miles to her new home...

I had to make certain that this piece of my own work would be worthy of her status as a noble Laurel of An Tir, and I think it safe to say that she was as happy with my work as I was to make this for her...


  1. That is just beautiful! Very impressive! See you soon!!!

  2. thanks Claire! I am looking forward to seeing you... it will be epic fun

  3. Such a lovely piece, Alison! You are so talented. And patient with so many firings.