Sunday, January 19, 2014

that special season...

in which our plucky heroine comes home from the grocery with a long awaited find... organic Seville oranges!

The last time any showed up here was over four or more years ago. They make wonderful marmalade, more bitter and complex than sweet oranges. Needless to say I bought a few pounds, and tonight will dig into my new preserving books to see if there is anything that sounds more likely than my TnT marmalade recipe. So in addition to the already scheduled upcoming tasks, there will be preserving! Whoo hoo! I have missed messing about with kettles and hot water... Tune in later this week for the results


  1. I do love marmalade but can't have it any more as I am insulin resistant (pre-diabetic). Boo!! Enjoy your preserving time.

    1. I shouldn't have preserves either, and mostly make them to have on hand for guests, but for me, a wee teaspoon once in a blue moon, on some greek yoguhrt... I figure that happiness will do me little harm. For me, removing grain products from my food plan has made such a big difference in my internal health that I allow myself tiny indulgences very occasionally. I am not tempted to eat a whole jar of preserves (which I put up in little 4oz jars anyway, so as to not fill the fridge with a clutter of leftovers after hosting a brunch), but a good crusty bakery sourdough loaf is not safe here at Acorn Cottage...