Thursday, January 9, 2014

enameling: it's what I do, among other things...

... in which the completed enamels are burnished and be-ringed:

a Jambe in the hand...
edges burnished and jump ring attached -

leads to a minor abundance of regalia: Jambes and Gouttes and Heralds medallions oh my!

(Jambe de Lion is the An Tir kingdom Level award for excellence in the arts and sciences, Goutte de Sang is the An Tir Kingdom Level award for excellence in service, and Heralds medallions are just because well, heraldry for heralds...)

It would be so much easier to make progress in the workroom if it were not necessary to take time out for things like being a housemaid (because every artist must have either a day job, a wealthy patron, or a supportive spouse) and necessary though stressful ongoing medical appointments. Nonetheless, this is an excellent start on my 2014 goals, and there is another more elaborate piece also in the works. Girl is pretty chuffed.


  1. Wow! Very very beautiful (and impressive!)

  2. Thanks Claire! Hopefully there will be an even more exciting photo in a few days

  3. I was hoping to see those! They are beautiful, Alison :-)