Sunday, January 5, 2014

bizzy which our plucky heroine enjoys the warmth of 1500°F...

Firing the enamels is pleasant to do in the cold of winter, as Acorn Cottage has no fireplace or insulation, "Mr Hot" the electric hearth kiln will make a nice stand-in. This weekend I completed five enameling projects, four champlevé regalia medallions and one long overdue cloisonné piece. The regalia bits just need jump rings to be finished; the cloisonne piece will get a very elaborate setting, but that will have to wait 'til tomorrow - girl is very tired now.
five little trivets
all in a row
going in the kiln
soon they will glow...

well, they actually go in the kiln one at a time, over and over again... the champlevé gets six to ten firings, the cloisonné easily gets triple that or more...

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