Saturday, January 25, 2014

benthic strata

... in which our plucky heroine makes indigotiger paws...

Normally I adore winter, as the soft grey sky and frequent rains make me very happy, though I struggle with the cold weather. This winter is different. This winter is dry and sunny, and the wind makes everything feel even colder, and while nowhere near what those in the middle or eastcoast have to deal with, I miss my beloved misty moisty wintertime.

My fingers want more protection, so last month I started on a new pair of fingertipless gloves. While the official project name is "benthic strata", this morning they brought to mind tiger stripes, but in my favorite colors, and entirely appropriate for my online avatars "indigotiger" (who frequents sewing and design sites) and appreciates the virtues of color coordination.

Cold sunny winter weather requires wool, and these are up to the task. I have a splendid pair of deep winter, very thick, windproof, naalbound mittens that my beloved pal Ariadne made for me, but an intermediate thickness of wool is an appropriate addition to my winter wooly wardrobe.


  1. Those are very cute and warm-looking! During this mild winter it's been easy to get away with fingerless mitts or gloves of which I have quite a few pairs. Although I find I now need a second pair of gloves with proper fingers since I lost several in the recent M*th Incident! Darn. When it's really cold I layer fingerless over fingers.

  2. those are some adorable tiger paws, and very clever to leave a space on each digit in case you need to extend your claws! Grrrrrr!!!