Wednesday, December 4, 2013

weavery which our plucky heroine revisits an old favorite: cardweaving. Despite not takinig up the cards in almost twenty years, the helpful guidance of Khalja and Elfreda was enough to allow me to complete this Useful Band:
Made from DMC pearl cotton, the completed length is about 45". I plan on using it for the strap for a new knitting bag, since it is too short and stout to be garment trim. Using an inkle loom to hold the cards and warp makes cardweaving a lot easier to deal with, since my earlier attempts years ago were all done backstrap weaving style where the whole shebang is tied to a belt around your waist. Less infrastructure, but much less convenient. This was easy peasy, as you can simply set the shuttle down and walk away if needs must.

and for some reason this song, another piece of old history, came to mind...

The Ballad of Weaverville - Mary McCaslin

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