Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday - on soup

Wintertime is a good time to start using the things in the storage freezer (which our plucky heroine uses as a sort of auxiliary longterm pantry). This is the beginning of what I call "compost soup" and this particular batch will be interesting and complex, having lamb and beef and chicken and mushrooms, as well as an assortment of random herbs...

Every time there is a small amount of savory leftovers, they go into a container in the freezer, ditto bones from any cooked meats, and when there is enough, it all goes into Mr Crockpot to get cooked down to stock. By doing this I can get another one or two nutritious and very tasty meals from what is often discarded. Once the stock has cooked down for overnight, it can be strained, and a few fresh veggie bits added, whatever chopped roots are available, some onion, etc, and it is a delicious basis for breakfast or supper...

In the winter, I often keep the dual small crockpots in alternate duty, forwarding whatever leftover soup there is one day as part of the base for the next one. Frugal, yes, but also very tasty! I am just grateful that I both know how to cook, and have a kitchen and some simple equipment; in my opinion, knowing how to cook is a vital life skill... and in addition, am grateful for the myriad folks that I have learned different aspects of said skill over the years... I couldn't survive in any sort of health (both physical and financial) without that knowledge. In these days when Washington keeps cutting back on the food assistance allotment more and more, Super Soup comes to the rescue!

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  1. Soup is one of the good things about moving to chillier climate!