Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a rather random and wishful Wednesday

Remember these bright birds? The ones that no one took home from the gift sale... well, they are winging their way to new homes nonetheless, as there were just the right number to be sent off to my swappity partners in the Ornament Swap! The post office this time of year is an exercise in patience, and I therefore brought along some handwork (well when does our plucky heroine go anywhere without handwork?!?) and mailed out a half dozen cardinals, as well as the whole passel of other animals and sundry that have been ordered as holiday gifts. Might put together a wee tutorial on making bird ornaments, since I have sent away ALL six of the cardinals and left no red bird here to grace my window of ornamentalia

That leaves only the current (sekrit) workroom commissioned project, and a few other special delights that need to be posted in the next week, before the winter holiday season commences in earnest. Most of the gifts for friends and family will be either hand carried to various events between now and 12th Night, or for distant family, posted after the tide holiday madness has subsided. (we have a sort of tradition of family gifts not being on time, of which I am the perhaps most dedicated examplar, since my gifts often take months to arrive...)

It seems that in the last week there has been some small sign that my energy and hopefulness may be starting to return, in that there has been occasional desire on the part of the inhabitant to begin to bring the homeplace back to some sort of orderly beauty... 'tis always self apparent when despair begins to dog my spirit, as the general levels of tidiness and organisation go all to the hot place (where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?) To me it is reminiscent of nothing so much as the struggles I've seen with folks quitting smoking - they try, and fail, and try again and fail, and some of them give up and some keep trying until it shifts over into a new way of living... Girl keeps trying to make the surroundings of Acorn Cottage into the kind of beautiful functionality that will support the life I want to be living... maybe this time will be the charm?

Earlier this week, posted both updated and annotated material wishlist and the assistance/workparty wishlist for this year, and there are some always bits and bobs that get remembered later :

I have a bit of a weakness for Japanese mugs with painterly cobalt and brown glaze, on a greyish stoneware background with little dark speckles. They are from the seventies maybe, I think, but not contemporary... this picture shows some that are currently living here, and I always keep my eyes open when thrifting in hope of finding more in this particular colorway... 

I mostly do not collect things, in particular I don't collect acorn kitsch, even though the house is named Acorn Cottage, nor do I collect chicken things, even though there are often hens in residence... I do collect maneki-neko that are under 1" tall, and have over the years found five, who sit nicely in a wasabi dish on the nightstand...

Speaking of hens, this Egg Skelter would be an amusing and most useful storage device for the kitchen... it holds eggs in order of freshness allowing the newest ones to take their place in the back of the line...

It would be a very good addition to the infrastructure here to acquire an extension ladder. One that is long enough to reach the gutters, or the attic hatchways, and strong enough for someone that weighs over 200 lbs... must needs do a bit more research as to what would be suitable

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