Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adventures shared are delight multiplied

I'll miss you till I meet you,
I miss you all the time.

I love the world just as it is.
And I won't lose my faith in it.
But there are days I think of you
Saying, 'hey, that's beautiful
Yeah, I see it too'

sometimes our plucky heroine wonders if it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all... not that I want him back, or want anything for him but his own growth and happiness, and not that I do not have a life I cherish, a life I walked through fire to keep... but there are so many many many times that I just want to turn to someone that understands, that is somehow alongside, to share the wonder and the struggle... and I remember that there was a time that was possible, a time in the past... and my eyes fill with tears...

sometimes I think that part of why I write so much here, is that somehow inside me there is a need to share what I see and do, and without any other way to do so, without anything other than the excited electrons that dance in the monitor to witness my joys and sorrow, (and with the only occasional actual far too infrequent contact with other humans nowhere near enough to hold me, how my skin is shadowed with the memory of being held), that without these missives to the virtual world I would fade entire and shatter to dust...

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