Monday, November 25, 2013

V1212 bodice muslin XP4

Girl struggles far too often with discouragement: dis a negation of - courage a state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution - ment an action or process...

sometimes it seems like the better part of valor would be to simply turn off the media every night before dinner, rather than face another night unable to sleep. Ignorance is not bliss, but might be restful at times. Nowhere near enough of the things that needed to happen this weekend were accomplished. There was some studio work, and progress on the catfaced needlebooks, but very little housecleaning occurred, and restful sleep was far from my door, despite the delightfully warm beanbag bed heaters.

Aside from the needful work done or not done, this weekend our plucky heroine did make a bit more progress on the Everlasting Raincoat Bodice Fitting Project; this is bodice XP4 and there has been visible improvement...

the bodice front now lies relatively smoothly, with curved princess seams that are placed appropriately and that conform to my upper torso. The waistline seam will need more adaptation to the shape of the skirt panels, but that can wait until the bodice pattern pieces are all properly shaped and placed, and until the yet waiting sleeve issues are also sorted out...

The bodice back is moderately improved: the ridge across theupper back is the line of my pinafore telagraphing through the layers, so is not an issue; the very center of the upper back is a bit loose still, where my back curves to meet my neckline, not sure how important that is, since a pretty large foldover collar will be attached, and likely a warm scarf will fill that gap I'd still like to sort out the sides of the back, near the underarms.

The side of the bodice is rather a hot mess still. Without using the camera the back and side views are entirely invisible to me. This looks as if it perhaps needs to have the side front reshaped to straighten out the slanted side seam, which might also deal with the excess bunchy fabric in the side back near the underarm.

I am confused still about the horizontal balance lines... the back now looks good, but the side front still slants upwards, despite my adding 2 1/2" in length to the center front of the bodice (gradually eased off to nothing by the side seams). The more length I add the more flattened the curved waistline seam will become, which I do not want to happen, so I am not sure that adding yet more length, only to cut it away again, makes sense.

I really do not entirely understand the concept of what I am trying to do with these balance lines, not even sure that I put the side front balance line in the correct orientation on the pattern piece, since I am no longer using the pieces from V1212 for the bodice fronts but have had to create my own... Overall I am pleased with the progress so far, despite my confusion. I am hopeful that another one or two muslins might get this project to the point where I can start trying to deal with the sleeves


  1. The front is looking good if you ask me. I have often thought that pattern alterations are a geometry problem, and your progress on the Raincoat of Eternity show it! What are balance lines?

  2. balance lines are when you draw a horizontal line across the pattern piece, at right angles to the vertical lines like CF or CB... the idea (I think) is that to have the garment hang well those lines need to also be horizontal on your body, so that the grainline hangs smoothly? I think it is fun, in a way, that I still have so much to learn! At least I think it is fun when I am not tearing my hair out!!