Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday tidbits

ManyHands Marketplace - Saturday November 30th - here at Acorn Cottage
Just in case you were wondering what all those eyes yesterday would become...stay tuned, there will be more catfaces yet to come in the days ahead. This partially finished Siamese catface needlebook, still needs to be stitched together all round the edges. Am really happy with the way the two colors of felt define the face, less happy with how the lighting washes out the eyes. (Next year I want to build a little photo booth for my trinkets and treasures)...

Our plucky heroine has been feeling rather under the weather today, so mostly stuck close to home and my beloved electric teakettle... made one really quick field trip over to Bolt for more wool felt, and a stop at New Seasons for lemons... hot lemon and honey can have all sorts of different things added for healing goodness, and I suspect that there will be a wee drop of whiskey for a hot toddy tonight, since coughing all last night made today run rather slowly. Girl is not at all fond of alcohol, so bottles last a long time here at Acorn Cottage; it really is for medicinal use only. Sometimes it seems like I never grew up, since the things that grownups like to drink are completely unappealing to me.

The forecast is for COLD weather coming... will be below freezing tomorrow night. Wish I'd finished up my fingerless gloves, but will make do with my Voodoo Wristwarmers for now. I knitted them back in 2010, from a thrifted and unraveled merino sweater, and they have held up really well and are a boon companion all winter. Wool is my friend. It would have been clever to pick up a pound of flaxseeds whilst at the grocery today, and make up another flax bag for warmth... a few minutes in the microwave makes them hot enough to keep the bed warm for hours, and it is eversomuch nicer to curl up under the covers when there is a warm places for feet and back to relax into, and the flax bags seem to hold heat longer than the hot water bottle does.

Yesterday my pal Countess E reminded me of yet another Maddy Prior delight, perhaps more specific to this time of year, when the leaves all blow through the windy streets, and we curl inwards towards what warmth can be found...


  1. I love your cat faces! They're just adorable. And the pug as well, and the cardinal from the earlier post. What awesome crafties! You're inspiring me to dig through my supplies and work on some wintery seasonal crafts.

  2. Mary - I try and make some new ornaments each year, usually because we are having a gift sale, but also I always keep one to add to my house decorations... hope you have fun, there are a lot of inspiring ideas out there