Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday musings

ManyHands Marketplace - Saturday November 30th - here at Acorn Cottage
Our plucky heroine promises that there will be cat face needle-books at the holiday gift sale... The planned cats will be siamese, calico, tuxedo, marmelade and grey... and remember, I also can do custom cat face portrait needle books too, if you want a needle book to match a four legged friend!

music from the workroom here:  I first heard of Steeleye Span long years ago, when I was a young thing in the early seventies, and saw them in concert a few years later, upstairs in the Galleria in Harvard Square, (that was the show with dancing girls and Morris dancers)... those were some good times back then... they still sound pretty gorram good to me in this video from a performance in 2008 almost forty years later, and I love seeing Maddy Prior dancing around on stage like she did years ago!

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