Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday musings

in which our plucky heroine reflects on a weekend at Orycon - that was most entertaining... somehow in my curious life it was my first ever con experience; and truly, I didn't realise what an overlap there is between my SCA friends and con culture...(silly girl)

In the interest of following my decision to try new things, since as my Dad says "if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got" and who wants to grow up to be stodgy?... when the option came up to attend the con in exchange for being a minion for Sharon Rose, I eagerly waved my hand to volunteer...
my event pass from Orycon, with both the dealers room ribbon, and the "hall costume award" ribbon, which I was awarded, much to my confusion, on Friday afternoon, while I was wearing my everyday street clothing... I guess that to some people my black pinafore, worn over my japanese cotton dress, look like a costume?

On Saturday I actually wore a costume: my Bee outfit from the beginning of Bee and Puppycat.
I had entirely unknown women squeal and ask if they could hug me, and a number of folks asked to take my picture, all of which was quite amusing to me. My impulse to make a new Halloween costume turned out to have an additional venue where is appropriate clothing, as despite prior comments I will not be adding it to my everyday wardrobe!
When the workshop I wanted to go to early Sunday morning didn't happen, (the instructors never showed up) I wandered down the hall to the "make your first medieval tunic" class, as my friend, the author A. M. Brosius, was one of the instructors, and our plucky heroine was curious as to how hands on classes were structured in this new subculture... well, in no time at all I was recognised, roped in, volunteered into helping newbies measure and cut fabric, up until the other instructor drafted me to run the sewing machine while she taught a different class... what can I say but that I love to sew, and I love to share knowledge with folks, so it was no hardship at all, just rather surprising!
Lest it seem that the entire weekend consisted of running round listening to panel discussions, chatting with friends and goggling at the diverse costumes and artwork, it should be noted that there was also a lot of being a good minion and making certain that Sharon Rose, and her booth partner Sally did not lack for proper hydration and nutrition... there was much enjoyment of the offerings from the BroDogs food cart, set up in the driveway outside the side door of the hotel, and someone waiting on line whilst I was there suggested that the blessing of the day was "may your life be full of an abundance of bacon" since the various sausage offerings could be had with a garnish of bacon for only an additional dollar!
... quite frankly, I suck at flirting, basically it is not a communication style that I either recognise or have had any fluency in throughout my life as a young adult on through to my late middle age. On Friday evening I bravely attended a workshop entitled "Flirting 101" and found it to be surprisingly educational. The instructor make it both lighthearted and possible to understand that flirting is actually part of the conversation spectrum rather than some odd esoteric language, which I'd not realised. She went over a number of basic communicating skills, demonstrating with different class participants. I also noticed how careful she was to get consent from each person and how well she integrated consent into the interchanges. After the short workshop we were sent out to do our homework: to flirt (aka have a conversational interchange) with new people until we had successfully accumulated at least three "rejections". Those who came back on Saturday for the Flirting 102 class would be given wallet certificates certifying our competence...

Well, with that as bait, and as it had been pointed out that the con was a reasonably safe place to practice this, I took up the challenge. Perhaps it was running around all Saturday dressed as Bee (in her adorable catface apron) but I was unable to collect the requisite three rejections... when I tried talking to unknown men and women, which was indeed truly difficult for this shy girl, they were not mean, or dismissive, but were pleased to be noticed, at least briefly, by a stranger... The thing I shall try to remember from this is that just like with any other skill, the more you practice it the more comfortable it becomes.

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  1. My word, it sounds like your weekend was fashionable and successful. First, to receive a prize for wearing your clothes! And second to gather clouds of fans dressed as Bee! And then, to fail to be rejected! It all sounds pretty good. (Well, all except the bacon part. Not a bacon fan!)