Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday musings

On Sunday some friends came over here and we had an "Unportentious Solar Eclipse" Roman Potluck"... as there was actually a solar eclipse that day, just not visible from here... The idea was to make and share various sorts of ancient Roman food (which was surprisingly delicious) and there was a sub-theme of dressing in ancient Roman, or vaguely Roman-ish clothing

Only some of the tasty food - Once all the different things started arriving, it was more fun to taste things than to photograph them. Truly, there was everything from faux dormouse* in spiced honey and poppyseeds, to cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar, a whole assortment of interesting vegetable dishes, homemade cheese, nut custard, cheese pie, spicy herbal "dip", and I made a leek-barley-lentil stew. The overall impression was about complex flavors, lots of herbs/leeks/honey, and a great but not overly "rich" combination of dishes.

* SR made "faux dormouse" from chicken wings, I suggested making them from chicken thighs, as the combination of honey/pepper/poppyseed is sooo delicious. Apparently edible dormouse is still quite common in Europe, and in Britain is becoming quite an invasive pest! If we lived there, I would be quite willing to try eating the actual creature, properly prepared...

good food, good conversation, and good friends...

I really enjoyed the smaller party here at Acorn Cottage a lot more than the big party the previous night - even with just eight or ten folks, it is hard to have enough time to talk with each person. In a big crowd where I know only a few people, I get overwhelmed easily, more so when I am feeling fragile. Having a party here meant that I needed to clear away the various boxes and piles of stuff that have been accumulating in the public areas of Acorn Cottage, and am currently enjoying the feeling of spacious calm in the living room and kitchen. Of course, that just means more clutter elsewhere, but in time( a little bit at a time,. a little bit every day, so that gradually all the house will look clear and useful) that will improve. I want my whole house to look like my kitchen and living room, peaceful and functional with touches of beauty and whimsey...


  1. I totally grasp your reasoning, but I think a dormouse the size of a chicken thigh would be a dangerous mutant dormouse. . . I won't be able to forget that image for awhile!

  2. "The edible dormouse is the largest of all dormice, being around 14 to 19 centimetres (5.5 to 7.5 in) in head-body length, plus a 11 to 13 centimetres (4.3 to 5.1 in) tail. It normally weighs from 120 to 150 grams (4.2 to 5.3 oz), but may almost double in weight immediately prior to hibernation."

    Edible dormice are pretty big. I'd say that a small chicken thigh might be an appropriate substitute