Saturday, November 23, 2013

kweepeergelei revisted

after a week of enjoying the delightful scent, our plucky heroine wanted to make certain that the few precious quinces would be preserved for future edible enjoyment... but even if they were not edible, their fragrance alone would be enough to bring them in the house...
It was time to cut up the small quinces from my excursion to the farmers market last weekend. They are much harder than other pome fruits, but my homemade kitchen knife is up to the task

Once chopped, they were put in the crock pot to simmer away for hours overnight... "cook while you sleep" is a watchword here at Acorn Cottage in the wintertime, not just used for soup and stew.

Heat and time turn them from white to almost ruby, and extract the juice, the flavor, and rich pectins to create both quince jelly and quincemeat preserves, but the actual canning will be a task for another day.


  1. My father used to make quince jelly. What a beautiful color! I can almost smell it wafting up from the picture!