Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday fragments on a freezy day

As it has been almost 20 years since our plucky heroine did any tablet weaving, an evening workshop last night was an excellent thorough review, and now am all excited about getting back to turning string into Useful Things... this simple pattern would be excellent for either a belt or a bag strap, as both sides look pretty...

The weather here remains unrelentingly clear, and the combination of sunglasses and many layers of wool provide some small comfort. Crawled out of bed this morning to find window frost - fortunately on the outside. While it is cold inside Acorn Cottage, it isn't cold enough for the ice to form inside the house... Last night girl turned the rest of the display beans into hot packs, and heated them in the microwave; placed all round the bed underneath two down puffs made a cozy relaxing nest to ease into dreamland and uncurl from the cold.

Fingers crossed that we will get back to some of my beloved grey misty wintertime soon - I was 'splaining to a lady at the bus stop yesterday who was baffled by how it could be sunshiney and so gorram cold at the same time, that when it is overcast or cloudy that the clouds were like a blanket that holds the warmth closer to the ground. (I first noticed this when I lived in Idahell, that the days when it was snowing were a LOT warmer than the days when the sun was shining)
notice how the sunshine does not reach as far as the window into the house... in the wintertime, when such sunlight would be welcomed, it scampers away, in the summer, it is too much of a good thing, such is life on a tilting planet... (also, why oh why did the former owners put the large and solidly built garden shed in the very best place of all for a sunny garden spot?)


  1. Alison,

    Regarding the shed - they couldn't have been gardeners, unless they preferred shade gardens :-)

    I hear you on the scampering sunshine. I'm a few hours north of you on the other side of that great big border; I'm enjoying the sunshine we've been getting, but yes, it is very chilly!

    The house I live in sits on an east-west facing lot, sandwiched between two, three-storey buildings on the north and south sides. In the summer, the sun is high enough in the sky to come into the back yard during the day, and the building on the south side provides a cool shady area for respite from the heat. But, once fall starts, that sun is climbing up the wall of the building on the north side.

    We get no sunshine whatsoever in the back yard from about end of October until about the end of Feb-beginning of March (assuming the sun graces us with it's presence in the first place!). I just keep telling myself we are X weeks away from the shortest day of the year, and then the sun starts it's march back down the wall, and across the lawn...

    I've been following your coat-making posts with great interest - I admire your pluckiness to tackle the project.

    Take care...

  2. Pearl, I am certain, based on all sorts of foolishness, that the former owners were neither gardeners or handy homeowners of any stripe at all... When I chose Acorn Cottage I did want to be able to grow veggies and things in the backyard, and it does get enough sunlight in summertime for that, as the neighbors are also in smallish houses. But my south facing window have lovely steel awnings that are probably original to the house, which do keep it slightly cooler in summer, but preclude ever having houseplants. I actually like the grey dampness of our wintertime more than the cold sunny days, but then I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I feel awful when it is hot and sunny... This weekend I hope to get the coat bodice sorted out, and start on figuring the sleeves...

  3. I can't tolerate the heat either - I wilt like last week's flower arrangement. I love January and February, so much promise!