Friday, November 15, 2013

a few Friday fragments

ManyHands Marketplace - Saturday November 30th - here at Acorn Cottage
One of the things that will be for sale at the ManyHands Marketplace, the holiday season gift sale some of my crafty pals and I will be having here at Acorn Cottage - wool felt cardinal ornaments, currently being watched over my catface needlebook. I can sew the birds whilst riding on the bus, but their little glass bead eyes need to be stitched in a more stable environment. There will be needlebooks for sale also, cat faces, and owls, and pug faces too oh my...

Our plucky heroine is considering the possibility of custom catfaced needlebooks, wondering if the intersection of those who like to sew, and those who love their cats might be a good place to offer commission possibilities - a special treat for the recipient, and profitable for me?

On an entirely different topic, this fabric is astonishingly hard to photograph well... it was handwoven for me by Britta Hall, and is a wool birdseye twill with a navy warp and a russet brown weft... the fabric is dense but flexible, and is delightfully soft. Once I steam ironed it and smoothed it out, the final dimensions are 3 yards at 23 inches wide... some of it is intended for a warm wintertime hood (it is not scratchy at all, so will not need to be lined!), shall need to think about what the remainder will become.


  1. I did not know that I needed a cat face needle book until this moment. But it turns out that I do need one. Actually I need two. I wish I could come to the sale!

    1. well it would be fun for you to meet some of my artist pals, but I imagine that you are enjoying your time in the sunshine too!

  2. well yes. Sister Sun is one of my pals!