Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday troubles

in which our plucky heroine holds on to her hat, or, we interrupt your regular broadcast for this special medical bulletin...

So, happy campers, when the doc says this will only hurt a little* "like a pinch", I seriously wonder what "a pinch" feels like in his world... maybe if I grew out my fingernails long, and REALLY didn't like someone, and pinched them HARD in a very sensitive area...

*Today was my regular three month oncology checkup, and my once a year colposcopy*, and this time instead of an all-clear, a dubious area has been biopsied, fingers crossed that it will not be anything scary, won't know till next week. Biopsy down south hurts like the dickens, and getting it cauterised afterwards ditto. It still feels rather like I have cramps, though all the relevant parts are gone.

and now, back to your regularly scheduled medley of crafty goodness, kitchen mayhem, and life with dual sewing machines in the Acorn Cottage zone...

* definition of colposcopy (not to be confused with colonoscopy!)


  1. Those biopsies down south are terrors. I howled and howled in my doctor's office. And felt sick for a whole day after. Thank god NO ONE uttered the dreaded "a little pinch" BS. I would have become violent. We all knew that I was going to be in rope and burning hell while they were doing the procedure. "Pinch" - the biggest falsehood in medical history. I am thinking hard on your behalf and sending health power thoughts in your direction. Hoping for good news.

  2. Oh Claire - bless you both for your understanding and your good wishes! I always feel such a wuss for crying. I shall certainly be posting updates as I know what is happening. I think that part of what is so terrifying is how much this echoes how all this whole cancer shindig started, with the "oh, this is probably nothing but we better check it out" and it just kept escalating...

  3. Not a wuss. I expect the entire Marine Corps would be screeching if they had to undergo a procedure like you had. Sending a beam of strong white light to you!!