Wednesday, October 9, 2013

our regularly scheduled program this may be obvious to most folks, but it took years to figure out how to remove the screens from the windows here at Acorn Cottage. It never occurred to me that removing half the window first was part of the process! The screens are not removable from the outside of the house, that is one of the things that baffled me in the first place. They are spring loaded and only come out once the sliding portion of the window has been removed, which, for obvious security reasons, can only be done from inside the house as well.

My initial thought had been to wash them, but I wanted to brush off the worst of the dust first; once I did that, by "scrubbing" both sides with a dry scrub brush, they looked like new, so I just put them back... I suspect that now that I know HOW to remove them, they'll not go nine years between cleaning, so not get anywhere near as dusty. The screen itself is easy to clean, just make sure to either have the breeze at your back, or use a fan to generate one, to blow all the dust and pollen away...
I have been rather charmed by Bee and Puppycat, and if the red fabric I remember having in stash somewhere is still there, I will make up a Bee costume for Halloween... truly, her dress in the first scene is not that different from my regular dresses, and who doesn't need want a catfaced apron!


  1. YES to the cat apron!!!

    I can't believe that she bit off the monster's tongue in the second episode!

  2. Claire, if you enjoy this sort of thing, you might want to check out "Adventure Time"... it is a very bizzare and surreal cartoon series, and I have found it possible to watch it online