Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i can haz futur...

Today is Happy Reprieve Day for our plucky heroine... got the results back from scary biopsy test done last week and the answer is "good news, no evidence of dysplasia or malignancy" I can now actually be able to sleep, and contemplate having a future that includes being alive for a while.

Now will go out for a walk on this pretty autumnal day, maybe get some flowers to celebrate, and probably take an afternoon nap to try and catch up a bit on all the sleep I have not had in the last week! Girl is doing a happy dance - I like my life and want to continue to enjoy it for the next thirty years or so...

graphic from the webcomic xkcd


  1. So glad that awful period when time seems to stand still and have no meaning, ended with a (relatively) happy ending. And the illustrations are amazing and spot-on.

    1. In some ways there is nothing worse than that in between time, the waiting... and in some ways, that in between time is actually our life, since it is all in between time...

      The illustration is from the online comic "xkcd" which has done a number of incredible comics relating to cancer. And thank you for calling to my attention that the attribution did not link along with the illustration, I will be remedying that immediately, for while it is listed as a Creative Commons image, somehow the appropriate info did not copy properly...

  2. Phew! Excellent news and I am so happy to hear it. A week seems like such a long time, that waiting is exactly a hell. Hoping you had a totally fabulous day!!!

  3. That IS EXCELLENT news! Savor each precious moment!

  4. Been there... such a relief and wonderful news.... you'll be sewing and making and crafting and blogging for many years to come.