Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday tidbits

This last week several different things made their way here to Acorn Cottage, perhaps in response to my cri de coeur... My pal Stacy found these tiny and terribly kawaii maneki-neko pushpins in Japan, on one of her several trips there, and decided that they needed to live with me! I've been thinking about decluttering my big bulletin board, and these will certainly be an encouraging and cheerful addition.

Increasing functionality will include finding ways to better use the current infrastructure as well as seeing where additional systems or objects need to be added. The large bulletin board on the guest room door could be used to track needful actions, instead of simply being a visual inspiration board, for example. Once the flooring that has been sitting against the bedroom wall eventually gets installed in the bedrooms, that wall can serve all sorts of useful and beautiful functions. Our plucky heroine needs to remember that slow progress is still progress...

It may be that there are still some prune plums in the feral plum tree out behind the shed. Ought go check that out soon, as homemade homecanned plum sauce is a real treat. being a condiment similar to hoisin sauce, and so tasty an additon to wintertime meals. All the low hanging fruit gets taken by passers-by, but if the squirrels haven't eaten all of them, it should be possible to go round to the alley with my fruit picking pole and my stepladder, and forage some fruit.

word of the day: quotidian

Have been listening to "Welcome to Night Vale" podcasts, which is being an excellent accompaniment to the ongoing commission sewing nights, thank you to my dear pal Jen for upping my access to weird. Almost every evening the sewing machine whirr and thumps, as my current stitchery for pay project slowly progresses. G asked me to make him a gambeson (a medieval padded garment worn either as armor or underneath metal armor for padding. Stitching multiple layers of natural linen and padding together, whilst the person it is intended for is miles away, girl can only hope that the resulting object will fit and function as desired. It is a big project, G is tall, and the sort of short sleeved padded coat will cover him from neck to mid-leg. Right now it looks like a bunch of thickly padded and quilted pattern pieces, but in the next two days it will all be stitched together and edgebound. All this would have been done by hand in actual historic times, but the sewing machine has allowed the sewing to take somewhat less time. So far I have about twelve hours into the project; since there was no pattern to start with, it first required taking a pattern from his heavy wool shirt jacket...

The window screens here have never been cleaned, and finally inspiration sent me online (well, duh!) and the secret of how to detach them from the window system was clarified. Despite occasional vacuuming, they look dreadfully dirty! Though it is late in the year for such scrubbing, it is perhaps better than attempting this at the start of windowfan season; this way the windows can gradually each be rid of the years of accumulated dust and cobwebs, and as wintertime gradually rounds the corner, there will be more light making its way indoors...

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