Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday snippets

in which our plucky heroine shakes out her holiday haversack and between the work-at-home weekend manages to get a few additional bits and bobs dealt with and found again...

Have been able to deal with an assortment of small but necessary tasks that have been put off, like replacing the burnt out light bulbs in two of the overhead fixtures, and acquired a springfit curtain rod to hold the still necessary mylar bubblepak in the one east window. Once the weather cools, the mylar can be set aside for the winter and replaced with two layers of transparent bubblepak, which can have a rod pocket made from clear packing tape. The benefit of starting to move boxes and bags of STUFF around, and look through some of them is that there are many many good and useful things I've misplaced that may be found (hello there little data cards, howdy grey apron-smock, hi there sweet little cloak clasp...); the drawback is that the spiders that are endemic to living in the Pacific Northwest, that peacefully mind their own business out of sight, are not at all a treat for this somewhat arachnophobic gal when they suddenly scuttle about near my own loosely-clad-due-to-still-summertime-heat self, who just tore the walls off their house behind a box.

Due to actual work, there has not been as much sewing for me this week, but with luck the remaining gores on the EF top will be completed soon. Girl must say that interminable tiny handstitching in black on black is somewhat grueling, and will be glad when this particular project is done and wearable. Have been spending the stitchery time cogitating about the other needful wardrobe pieces. Either the grey popover dress or the grey corduroy pinafore might get a pomegranate reverse applique neckline. Other than that, I've been really thinking about an autumnal jacket, if there is enough of the brown twill for that and an overall pinafore (if there isn't I certainly have enough bits of melton cloth scraps that a jacket might be pieced from...) Considering a cross between a jean-jacket style and a moto-jacket style, since I have the former as a TNT pattern, and it would not be that difficult to draft an extension to the center front edges to give the angled zippered closure of a "moto". Of course, that would also require actually purchasing a set of zippers, whereas I already have the suitable tack buttons. No progress has been made on the bra-sewing front (ha ha!) other than the actually fitting one that I purchased from the Pencil Test before the wedding shindig. Generating my own pattern without having an actual garment that fit well was making me a bit crazy; I managed to get the volume more or less correct, but the contours were, to say the least, rather odd, and no gal wants oddly shaped tatas... So hopefully another session with the pins and the foamcore will yield a more useful pattern.

There is a sort of apple tree in my backyard, that is mostly watersprouts, with apparently one remaining branch from the grafts that were original to the tree. This year there were apples on that branch, and I dutifully removed most of the wee little things as I'd been told to do, to make room for the actual apples to grow... then I promptly forgot about it again. Went out in the yard today to hang up laundry and saw that there were real redstripey apples there. I shoved my way through the undergrowth to pick two. They smelled apple-y, and appeared to be ripe, as well as obviously been found by insects... I washed them and carefully cut away the good parts. They are tasty, for a tree I have done nothing at all to other than cut most of it down for being diseased. I suspect that if I had been clever enough to tie little mesh bags over the apples, that the bugs wouldn't have infested them. I also suspect that it might be possible to prune way back the unproductive growth and maybe graft in a few edible apple varieties at some point... (must remember to ask Mr Dawson about that sometime) So tonight my evening snack is courtesy of the backyard

Japanese indigo fragment that hangs on the outside of the little room of necessity here at Acorn Cottage

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