Monday, September 9, 2013

monday musings

June weather in September, a cool grey morning to offset the mid eighties this afternoon (and the mid nineties forecast for later this week) so going out for a bike ride before breakfast seemed a treat. It turns out that it only takes about fifteen minutes to ride over to the Columbia Pool, so my idle thought about trying water exercise might be possible... I shall have to go and try out a sample class sometime soon, and if it seems doable, apply for a scholarship and make it part of my ongoing health efforts. Truly, the way to change your life is to do things differently. So far, my bootstrapping has been focused on choosing something positive to do in the interval between my upon awakening medicine and my one hour later breakfast medicine. Instead of leaping online and getting distracted, my choices are to either go work on a project, or go do some physical activity. I need variety, so having one specific thing doesn't work for me, but if there is a menu of positive choices, girl is less likely to dig heels in and say no. (sometimes it seems like I spend an awful lot of time finding ways to work with my inner toddler)

Am feeling the urge to try pickling all sorts of things, the limiting factor being the fact that my fridge is bitsy, and needs to hold other things in addition to jars of lacto-fermented goodness. But wouldn't pickled carrots be a treat, and what about the idea of cauliflower florets brining in a jar with a small red beet, to yield potentially magenta proto-pickles...

Whilst out on my bikeride this morning, had a new idea about the future chicken options. Boy howdy do I miss having hens, not only the eggses, but the structure to my day, and the additional life in the homeplace... anyway, the idea was that rather than be all sadface about currently limited resources, I could create a portable modular chunnel, that it needn't actually surround the entire yard, but could be attached to the fencing and move around the edges in rotation. That would mean I could probably use what I have, instead of purchasing a lot of new (spendy) materials. Plus, it means a "design challenge", and is a new example of thinking outside my assumptions


  1. Hmmm...I like pickled cauliflower, and I like pickled beets...had never thought of combining them though! Pretty colour :-)

    1. once my pickles are completed, I plan on trying the combination. I have made pickled beets, but the kind that are canned with vinegar and sugar; lacto-fermented beets would probably taste different, being only with their own natural sweetness. I foresee many fermenting experiments

  2. The chunnel is a fabulous idea! Who would have thought? And the chickens will be safe in there too. It's an excellent design challenge! I'm looking forward to the outcome of the challenge!

    I like pink food in general and making cauliflower pink is such a great idea! My mother had a cookbook that had a menu for a "Pink Lunch" I assume for ladies in the 1950s who wished to lunch together on a color theme! The cauliflower would be a good addition to a pink lunch!

    Today I went over to the city pool that is near our new house. I was day dreaming about a nice 8 or 8:30 am swim. Alas, it's closed until noon for schools to use it. Hmph. So now I have to day dream about a nice noon-ish swim.

    1. Lots of time between now and next spring to work on the various outdoor design challenge projects. I havn't forgotten my idea about a salad table either...

      Having a pool nearby is a Good Thing, sorry that your idea about starting the day out that way didn't work out. I intend, once I find my ancient swimsuit (will it still even fit?!?) to try a sample visit to the local pool.