Sunday, September 8, 2013

mindshift or becoming cloudy with small bubbles...

in which our plucky heroine, hands firmly on bootstraps, attempts to lift feet... whoops, that isn't how that one works, usually... coming back to Portland after my tenday trip was more difficult than suspected; 'tis not that my own company is not pleasant, but rather that too much of the one thing leads to wishing for variety, in the same way that interesting condiments make bland food more pleasing. Still need to find a balance between alone time and with people time... When I don't write, for the desire not to share my struggles, then I also lose the good reminder of my everyday life in all its joys and curiousity. Must needs remember that, lest my journal fall prey to Hallmark Syndrome.

Japanese anemone lives in a pot on my front porch across from the front door. I am not sure it is the best place for this plant to be happy, but this week it opened a gorgeous flower to greet me, and there are a few more buds yet to open. (last year there were no flowers at all) There was, rather astonishingly, a hummingbird in the back yard, hanging around the comfrey blossoms; had no idea that comfrey was something they found attractive.

"The universe loves me and wants me to be happy..." such is a touchstone of dear M, who has taken this as a sort of chosen point of view, perhaps akin to the 23 Enigma. Though wishing for a chance to ask him how to get some of that to rub off on me, this week also brought a rather more than just serendipitous bits of good fortune, so girl is now wondering if part of the way to make it happen is to pay attention, to choose where to focus at any given time. Of course, that sounds a lot easier than it is to do, but girl has been practicing this for years, and fully expects to continue practicing it for as long as there is breath in my body...

I won an online giveaway from Shams over at Communing with Fabric; my name came out first of the over a hundred folks who entered! I won a set of black and white stripey zippers! Not sure if I will make a moto jacket, or some sort of really radical pinafore... shall have to wait and see what the zippers are like in the non-virtual world. If the zippers are super sturdy then a jacket would be a good option, if they are somewhat softer/more flexible then a zip down the front pinafore might be fun. When they arrive, will have to see what if any of my current fabrics will be friends with these...

Last week the Great Experiment in Fermentation began! Last month, after over a half-century of disliking pickles, my tastebuds somehow unaccountably changed. Possibly due to the ongoing acupuncture, and probably due to the amazing lacto-fermented goodness of my friends homemade pickles. Sooooo... when I found that New Seasons happened to have some organic pickling cucumbers in the produce aisle, it was an irresistible option. They came home with me, and after consulting with Cathy up in OlyWa for suitable instructions, some brine was made, garlics peeled, and along with some dill and peppercorns, a jar of protopickles took up residence atop the fridge (my fridge is wee, being only about countertop height) I was a bit concerned about how poorly the glass tumbler I stuffed in the jar was functioning as a weight, the cucumbers were managing to float to the surface, which is Not Advisable; they should be entirely submerged in the brine, to keep the good bacteria happy and prevent bad moldy bacteria.

The next day, after proud picklish pictures on FB, my friend Kada had a lot of useful comments, a link to her website, and also mailed me a present of two airlocks and corks, with a lid cut to hold one set. In addition, a trip to Goodwill yielded a lidded glass cookie jar, and a suitable pyrex plate to use as a weight, so another batch of pickles was started... This means yours truly is doing SCIENCE!! (actually the compare and contrast thing, doing one batch in the airlock halfgallon mason jar and one in the open top cookiejar.)

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