Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6PAC progress

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners in Shams blogiversary giveaway, and am so excited, these zippers arrived safely in my mailbox today! They are even more attractive in person. They are a lovely texture, not flimsy OR harsh, but rather like a strong smooth ribbon, and the stripes are woven into the fabric. They would work well with either a middle weight jacket fabric, or a heavy weight pinafore fabric, like corduroy or denim... not sure what is in the stash that would be suitable but am looking forward to making something for the cooler weather that surely will arrive sooner or later.

I am considering making the planned 6PAC grey corduroy pinafore with a front zip and zipper pockets as well. It would have to be shorter than my usual, more like knee length than mid calf (might be time to play with the croquis again...) and could have some balancing neckline embellishment in black/white to help tie the whole thing together. Have plenty of time to think it over, as I don't plan on starting the pinafore till next month...

Am making very slow progress on everything, partially due to the hot weather, with temps over 90(F) I just get so wiped outm and today I was sick as well, bah! I have managed to finish the EF refashion; there was a lot of hand stitching, as the Eileen Fisher fabric was very textured, and it seemed like machine sewing the alterations would have stretched it out in an unsuitable way. I think it will look well under my pinafores in the cooler autumn weather, and might also be able to be worn open, over summer dresses as a sort of shirt-jacket.

So, that makes two tops finished, and next up will be a grey rayon popover dress. Wondered if it would be rather superfluous by mid September, but as our current weather is rather unrelentingly sunny, another hot weather dress will actually be useful! This design is quite a fast easy sew, consisting entirely of rectangles and triangles; the loose fit is cool to wear, and choosing drapey rayon keeps it from looking entirely shapeless.


  1. oh boy! Congratulations on your new zippers. They are fabulous!

    Hoping it cools off today. We were hot and humid yesterday. The most annoying combination ever!

  2. This has been the most humid summer since I left the east coast (bleah!) and it will be close to 100 today. It looks like the weather won't be cooling down 'til next week. So far I haven't found anything in stash that really works well with the zippers, the closest thing is the grey corduroy. I am a little bit tempted by the spotted denim on Marcy Tilton's website, but have not had great success with sewing stretch denim/lycra in the past, and am trying to not buy MORE fabric. I might phone them and ask about sewing tips...

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product with those. But everything you make is beautiful. Hang in there with the humidity. Dad's a little closer to the coast than you, so it's a bit cooler, but there have been a few uncomfortable days for him, as well.

  4. We were fogged in pretty well all day long today, and it was definitely not hot. In fact it was damp and chilly. And I finished my black vest-like garment and I'm working on my Ridiculous Jacket. And I still can't find the tank top I made that has disappeared into the mouth of some kind of tank top eating monster!

    The right fabric for those zippers will come along. The zippers will speak when they see it!