Thursday, September 19, 2013

4PAC variation

I will admit to being rather taken with the Elizabeth's 4PAC concept, and decided to see what I could come up with. The postulated need for a travel wardrobe would be that I on occasion head up to Seattle, or down to Eugene, for a few days. While I don't have any such trips currently in the works, it was a very interesting exercise, to see what I already had, what of the planned future sewing would fit, and where the obvious holes in my wardrobe were...

One bottom----------------------(grey corduroy pinafore)
One top-------------------------black lace tee shirt
One layer (cardigan or jacket)--black pinstripe blouse
One scarf-----------------------(nani iro double gauze scarf in grey)
One bag-------------------------(large tote bag with pockets?)
One pair of shoes---------------black boots
Two pieces of jewellery---------(sewing necklace, black/grey lampwork earrings)

One bottom----------------------black denim overall pinafore
Two tops------------------------black crow tee shirt
(or one top one dress)----------black lawn peplum top
One layer-----------------------dark wool sweater with grey designs
One scarf-----------------------black pom pom cowl
One pair of shoes---------------black river shoes
One piece of jewellery----------notional button earrings

The bracketed pieces are ones that have not yet been created. It seems obvious to me what the glaring hole is in my wardrobe. I don't own a raincoat. I should own a raincoat, I live in the northwest! (I do have a gore-tex outdoor jacket, in (ugh!) forest green that is very functional and not terribly atttractive, as well as not being long enough to look well over dresses or pinafores. In addition, I don't have much in the way of jackets either. Does it seem like it might be useful for me to finally take self in hand and try making at least one or two things in the way of a layering garment? Also I was not sure if the bag mentioned was meant to be a purse style bag, or a suitcase style bag?

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