Thursday, August 1, 2013

swine all round the house

... in which our plucky heroine just discovered a new descriptive acronym: PIGS (meaning Projects In Grocery Sacks)which is rather the description of one aspect of Acorn Cottage; I crave cupboards and shelving galore, but grocery sacks are free. Unfortunately they do not stack very well...

This song made me cry...

This seems like a very interesting attempt to re-create a Roman spiced wine

I didn't end up sewing anything at all for the summertime 6PAC, but with luck will end up with at least something to show for the autumn... I have an abundance of tops already from my leap into the land of Alabama Chanin style, so will probably substitute basic dresses with a 3/4 sleeve for the tops, since that will give my wardrobe a boost.

My intention is to look at my current wardrobe and see what pieces are looking the most worn, and make new things to fill in. Many of my dresses are wearing out, they last about three years before they really start looking a bit sad. I have considered giving some of them a second life as slips, by cutting off the sleeves and cutting down the neckline, and re-binding the edges. While it seems far too warm to think about keeping the chilly wind at bay, adding a second layer will help keep me warm in the wintertime, since there is no way to store the summer's heat till it would be welcome.

It would be splendid to have at least two new pinafores and two new dresses... I think brown and grey for the pinafores, since I have brown twill and grey corduroy. Will have to see what else is in stash for the dresses, I know there is a black with blue and grey stripe... other options are to try making a few dresses from jersey fabric, and to make progress on generating a buttonfront option.

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