Saturday, August 17, 2013

button button

And now, on to the next garment: the black and white pinstripe blouse, which is an Eileen Fisher top that I found at Goodwill... It is rather too small in the torso, being a size S, so I have been cutting off strips from the lower edges and inserting them to make it wider. There will eventually be six narrow gores, which will allow the blouse to button down the front, with the concomitant effect of removing the loose lower panels and making the entire garment more like a blouse than a tunic top. But since I need and wear blouses, and this one has particularly excellent linen/rayon crinkle fabric, I am not at all sorry.

The other thing I am doing is that I am replacing the buttons. For some reason, the original garment has rusty brown color buttons that do not all match each other, and that stand out as the focal point of the top. Not my cup of tea, and not one of my chosen colors either. So, off with the russet buttons, and instead, simple matte black buttons instead. That way, the buttons will recede into the background.

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