Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 6 Piece Autumn Collection

I seem to have started on my autumn 6PAC already, though it is already turning out to be a bit different than I had initially thought... Though I definitely don't need any more tops, I found that I wanted to make a lace top to go with my bluerose pinafore, since I will be the "crone of honor"* at the wedding of two of my friends later this month. Didn't want to wear my one "party dress" yet again.

And, the Eileen Fisher top remodeling project gives me a second top.

Looked in closet to see what was near the end of lifespan, and noticed that the brown corduroy pinafore with all the pockets is looking pretty shabby, so a new brown pinafore is in order - the plan is to use the brown brushed denim twill, and the overall-pinafore pattern for that one.

I also still miss my dark grey bird pinafore that wore entirely out, so will use some more of that fabric - it doesn't wear like iron, only lasts about three years, but I have enough, so... am thinking about combining some Alabama Chanin style applique on the bodice, was thinking about doing that with some madder red jersey in the pomegranate stencil, but am not sure I want to introduce red as an accent color. I tried it out on my digital sketch, and it might be too obtrusive?? (I pretty much don't ever wear red, because I have roseacea, and I feel like anything red calls attention to the red areas on my face) Maybe if I do some embellishment in grey on grey it will look less obtrusive and a bit more subtle/sophisticated?

The other things I'm hoping to have time to sew are some new basic dresses, one in a narrow striped cotton (black with grey and blue) and a popover dress in grey rayon in a textural windowpane-ish plaid. The idea is to create some highly useful, go with most of the things, layers. These sorts of dresses get worn either on their own or underneath pinafores.
It was a sort of whimsical idea I had, to play around with Photoshop and figure out how to add images of the fabric to the sketch of my wardrobe sewing ideas... I figured it out, and learned a few more things to do with the program, practiced by doing all six of the sketches. Now to see how much sewing I can accomplish in the next three months. I also really want to make the next iteration of the bra sewing project, havn't forgotten that either. There are four major sewing for other folks projects as well, that need done in the next two to six weeks. Girl will be busy, and should spend a lot less time online!

* am too old to be the maid of honor, not qualifed to be the matron of honor


  1. Your 6PAC looks very "you"! I can't wait to see it all made up and modeled!

  2. Its a shame about your brown corduroy dress. I just love it.

  3. Claire - I am almost finished with the lace tee shirt top already, and will have to dig out my tripod to take a picture tomorrow.

    Pam - the thing about having a small wardrobe is that stuff I like and wear often starts to wear out. I really enjoyed the look of the extra pockets, though the small ones were more decorative than functional. I might need to make up another multipocket pinafore... Hmmmm maybe the grey one needs to be that style instead of Alabama Chanin style???