Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday tidbits

Somehow, yesterday got lost... There were things accomplished, but without any longterm memory storage happening. I suspect there was a nap involved. Sigh, there is still a lot of rearrangement and housey-tidying before four folks and their canine companion show up later this week.

Two small sewing related tips: my Fiskars spring loaded scissors was being cranky, like there was a dull section on the blades when I cut fabric. Since there are no all night sharpening stores, I bravely if gingerly decided that smoothing it with the sharpening steel from the kitchen might help, since it could hardly make the situation worse! Et voila, the scissors now cuts with great abandon and glee... In additon, I decided to follow the general wisdom which I usually ignore, and change out the machine needle for starting a new project. What a difference it made in the smooth formation of the stitches, and the bobbin thread is behaving much more cooperatively.

Project BH is on temporary hold this week, whilst I busy myself making another dress for SR, this one of a truly yummy madder-red japanese cotton, with woven in heavier threads in dark and light grey/taupe. Now that I have a TNT pattern for her, it will go faster. Two hours today and the dress is cut out, the skirt sewn together but not yet hemmed, and the bodice center front/back and shoulders stitched, which allows the neckline to be bound. Next up will be binding the hemline edge, stitching in the sleeves, bodice and sleeve seams, seam cuffs, and finally the waistband insertion and pockets. I suspect at least four more hours, maybe more...

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