Thursday, July 11, 2013

jersey edgebinding which our plucky heroine takes a bit of time at the ironing board to prepare the next step for transit handwork
Once the reverse applique stitchery around the neckline is completed, the binding can be applied. I cut it about 2" wide, then press it folded in half. (rather a bit wider than needed) Often, it helps to add some cornstarch to the water in the spray bottle*, to encourage the jersey fabric, which wants to curl up, to lay flat while being worked. I also gently press the edge binding in a curve, which helps me apply it to the neckline. Next step, decorative handstitching around the neckline, just inside the folded edge. Once that is done, the excess width will be cut away, leaving a tidy embroidered edging.

* My ancient thrifted iron, while it has a nice smooth stainless steel sole, was probably originally sent to Goodwill for leaking water intended to generate steam. I simply use a small spray bottle from the dollar store when steam is needed; might not be ideal, but the price is certainly right!

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  1. that is a really beautiful piece of work. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole shirt!