Sunday, July 28, 2013

an upsondowny sort of week

... in which, in amongst other things, our plucky heroine takes a trip to see the Maneki Neko exhibit at the Bellveue Arts Museum

Last week started out a bit rough, with worry and un-useful thoughts, being all sore from oncology-doctor visits, and concern about housey stuff and the confidence of my patrons. Truly, sometimes girl gets all in a kerfluffle and takes time to find my balance again...

On Monday last, I remembered to send a progress report/photo to the one person I am currently working on regalia for... got an email with this in reply "You are a witch of art! A damn fine good witch." Somehow the day looked a lot brighter! Despite being deep into how eras end, folks die, and things change, somehow always art abides . . . I think I rather like the identity of "witch of art", seems to go hand in hand with being the "crone of honor" at the upcoming wedding this summer

On Tuesday last, on the way to work, all absent minded I left my favorite hat on the seat of the bus. Of course, once off the bus it was immediately apparent what was missing, as the unrelenting sun beat down on my unprotected noggin, but it was too late, the bus had pulled away back into traffic. I cried, and my poor head was very overheated by the time I walked from the bus stop to work. Fortunately W was able to lend me a hat, and a bandanna, so there was no sunstroke on the way home from work. It might be necessary to include hat-strings on all the hats, in the same way that mittens for littley-kids have a string that goes from one to the other?

Mid-Tuesday preparations for the trip to Seattle and back were almost complete, though my folding luggage cart seemed to have mysteriously gone missing. Ah well, nothing will stand in the way of my long awaited trip to see the many faces of Maneki-Neko!

another run north on the Bolt Bus, coming into Seattle on Tuesday evening at deep dusk, one of the benefits of living north of the 45th parallel is that summertime nights come late.

The next day I arrived in downtown Bellevue almost two hours before the museum opened... it is not a downtown that caters to foot traffic, being even more an example of our modern temple to automobiles and their moneyed devotees than my former trip to Beaverton

An on-street information kiosk decorated with sculptural decorative finials. I was wishing that they would ring gently in the summer breeze

a building courtyard had these lavender glass pillars set in a reflecting pool with a multistory waterfall; oddly beautiful

This was my destination, and the exhibit was a wonderful treat!

On the third floor of the museum, between two wings of the building is this lovely reflective water courtyard

Visiting my Seattle friends is always both challenging and very very worthwhile. Not only are there different activities in a different city, but there are all the fascinating wide-ranging thoughtful conversations, that inevitably send me home with weighty chunks of idea to mull over and chew on... Current query relates to "what is your purpose in life", which has a direct connection to my current area of greatest challenge (finding economic stability) Not sure yet where those thoughts and ideas will lead, but am definitely enjoying the trip.

Girl returned home sleepy but filled with happy gratitude: I have wonderful friends and family and I have people that love me and are not afraid to say so! On the bus home, a few phone calls brought unexpected but hoped for answers, one of my recent medical tests had "normal cells" as a result, which is excellent news; my lost hat was turned in to TriMet and came back to me, and a serious inquiry for some custom regalia will definitely help with the hollow piggy bank syndrome next month, if that actually turns into an order. Life is good...


  1. I am so glad your hat returned to you! The rest is excellent news too, esp the medical news But I read the post hoping and hoping that the hat would have been turned in. I have lost so many hats on buses. Hats and the various brooches I pinned to them. Sometimes it's just heartbreaking when a hat escapes. One of these times our Seattle paths will cross!

  2. This trip north was really only a day trip, just long enough for me to go to the museum show, bracketed by bus rides on either side ( I would be less whimsical about my very occasional travel if BOLT bus was not quite so affordable) When I will be up north for more than just the one day, I truly hope to be able to get together with you!