Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rainhat details

I made yet another rain hat, in the same style as my previous ones, and this one I added a few new details... there are little tabs on the inside, with grommets, to attach a chin strap to (rather than attach directly to the seam, where the cord often simply pulls out. And there are these "micro-belt-loops" to run a hat band through. The hat band itself is made from two layers of synthetic ribbon handstitched together

Every time I go to the ribbon shop downtown, I have a wonderful conversation with the proprietor, and she and I have exchanged gifts several times... when I was buying the ribbon for the hat band, she insisted I take this sweet ribbon flower she'd made, since it coordinated beautifully. I added a few beads to the center, and some ribbon leaves, and made it into a brooch, now pinned to the side of my new rain hat.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely gift, made even more beautiful with your bead and ribbon leaf additions. I really like how you always add that touch of beauty (or whimsy) to your otherwise utilitarian pieces.