Saturday, May 25, 2013

mid-May trip North

There are folks dear to me that live in Seattle, and unlike most other places, there is a Very Affordable way to get there. Bolt bus, whilst not anywhere near as comfortable as the train, is far cheaper than any of the other options. On a weekend in mid-May, our plucky heroine strapped her duffle to the wheely-cart and headed downtown to catch the bus...

An evening run up I-5 starts with crossing the river;

the bus windshield is splattered with rain, as the sun goes down.

Three hours later: the glowing orbs that light the area around King St, where the Bolt bus drops off Seattle passengers on the side of the street.

Across the street, one of the decorative gates to the International District.

The next morning, many steps lead down to the street, from my friends new house... There is white and lavender wisteria that forms a tunnel between the steps and the front porch, and this time of year it is so amazingly lovely!

Exploring the nearby neighborhood was a pleasant option. That my feet are working a bit better, so that walking is less painful, is also a treat. The Madrona school has this whimsical signage...

and this wonderful stylised madrona tree sculpture.

outside the local library, pig & panther are friends

as are sheep & wolf... I've been told that these sculptures commemorate the past times in this neighborhood, where the Black Panthers and police formerly were at odds, and where human predators found easy prey; these days it is a very different place...

california poppies echo and reverberate the orange siding on this building

white Tradescantia (aka spiderwort)

look down - bas-relief sidewalk artistry

with luck, the path of my life will allow many more visits!


  1. What lovely photos! Thanks for your report on Bolt Bus! I was thinking about a field trip to Vancouver BC on Bolt Bus. I imagine it is still running, just doing a detour around the ex-bridge. . .

    If you have time on your next visit to Seattle, let's meet up for tea!

  2. I had thought of giving you a call whilst I was up north, but didn't end up with time this trip... I'd LOVE to get together with you though, and it looks like I will be making occasional trips north, as my pals there are quite fond of me.

    The Bolt bus is nicer than Greyhound, but not as nice as the train. The good things are that the price is excellently cheap, the seats are not as crowded as a regular bus, and for those with electronical gizmos, there are outlets at almost every seat and the bus has wifi. Since I don't have anything portable save a "really stupid" phone, the outlets weren't really useful, and I miss the tray tables that the train has. I found the seats were more comfortable with a small cushion to sit on, for some reason the seats all feel they are tilted towards the front?

  3. maybe the frontwards tilt is due to the astrophysics of being a bolt?

    Yes! Next time we will make a plan to meet up!