Wednesday, May 8, 2013

M3 2013 - day 8

Today's MeMade May clothing is my new SWAP/6PAC tee shirt (finished last night), and worn with the coordinating denim pinafore from my springtime 6PAC. I like the way that the stencil design draws attention to my face. I had thought about adding decoration to the sleeves in addition to the neckline, but just stenciling around the neckline was not only faster, but looks better, keeping the visual attention in the "central column".

Yesterday at Project Night, I was able to pick up the piece of thin plywood that K's husband cut to shape for me. The plan is to make a border around the vent fan in the bathroom here, where there is some open spaces left from the former larger and noiser fan. Now all I need to do is a bit of sanding and several layers of paint, and it will be ready to complete that particular repair. Sanding and painting I know how to do, but there is no table saw living here to cut sheet plywood to size. Grateful for helpful friends I am indeed!

Not sure at all if I will manage to finish the decorative apron for my "bridge" garment for SWAP. There are only two more days, and I actually have work scheduled, which trumps sewing for my ownself, of course. My backup plan is to complete the grey pinafore (which I have been very slowly working on for the last month in stolen minutes here and there), which only needs edgebinding and leave off the pockets, for now, and substitute it in for the black ribbed pinafore (which was made before SWAP) Then I can use a storebought grey cardigan sweater as my bridge garment instead, or maybe my indigo recombinant cardigan...

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